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Terms & Conditions

$5.00 Rewards When Completing Profile.

No purchase required. All participants must sign up for the Feltner Brothers Rewards program and complete the required fields in their profile to receive 500 points towards their account. Points cannot be used to redeem alcohol. Points cannot be transferred or refunded for cash.

General Terms, Conditions, and Requirements

You must log into your Feltner Brothers Rewards account via web or app, or provide phone number for account lookup at point of purchase to access offers. Orders placed through third-parties excluded. Accrued Points remain valid within the calendar year earned. Offers may expire without notice due to error, fraud, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Status level tier progression detail:


Bronze Membership
Rewards: $1.00 = 10 points
Starting level: 0 points
Ending level: 5,000 points


Silver Membership
Rewards: $1.00 = 11 points
Starting level: 5,001 points
Ending level: 10,000 points


Gold Membership
Rewards: $1.00 = 12 points
Starting level: 10,001 points
Ending level: 15,000 points


Platinum Membership
Rewards: $1.00 = 13 points
Starting level: 15,001 points
Ending level: 50,000 points


Campaigns & offers: Periodic offers include joining rewards, prompts to update user profile, and dollars-off rewards. Special offers for anniversaries, birthdays, reaching and nearing subsequent status tier progression levels apply.

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